red dot award: design concept (设计概念大奖) 中国获奖作品

2010-12-03作品 编辑:3d3d

red dot award: design concept 2010 (设计概念大奖) 的成绩已经出炉。今年180个概念作品赢得 red dot design award、28个获颁 red dot: best of the best (最佳中的最佳奖) 、1个荣颁 red dot: luminary (至尊大奖)。得奖作品当中,34来自中国,其中4获颁red dot: best of the best。我希望您能与贵杂志的读者分享这些成功故事,支持这些优秀的当地设计师、高校学府和企业。ZjF粤港澳工业设计网

身为专注概念作品的国际专业设计比赛, red dot award: design concept (设计概念大奖) 是这类竞赛最大规模的一个。此竞赛收到来自多过50个国家的3,023件作品, 其中2514来自设计师、863来自设计团队、164来自企业、75来自高校学府。ZjF粤港澳工业设计网

众多作品当中只有6%赢获 red dot design award, 1%荣获 red dot: best of the best, 这再次证明了这国际公认的大奖是最有挑战性的设计比赛之一。ZjF粤港澳工业设计网



With its triple rotation function, the FREEDOM360 forklift truck offers a more efficient way to lift and transport materials.ZjF粤港澳工业设计网

Unlike most forklifts, the chassis, cab, and front fork of the FREEDOM360 can rotate horizontally. Each part can rotate independently of the others. The rotatable body dramatically improves working efficiency, especially for short-distance transportation. Furthermore, FREEDOM360 is able to work in very tight spaces as the vehicle does not require a turning circle. The battery is positioned underneath the vehicle, where its weight can bring about greater stability. Also, a larger battery can be accommodated in this position. A touch screen gives the driver greater ease while controlling the vehicle, which has been styled to offer a refreshing image and to generate excitement.ZjF粤港澳工业设计网

red dot: best of the best
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